A Play Day in L.A.

Working full-time makes it a bit difficult to explore, so when I have two days off in a row...you better believe I'm going to make an adventure out of it! Los Angeles provides the perfect setting for a girls day, so I rounded up a couple of my friends for a quick drive up the … Continue reading A Play Day in L.A.

Little Brantley’s Words of Wisdom

I want to bring up a topic that most people don't want to talk about: when traveling doesn't go your way. It's inevitable that things will go wrong when you travel. No matter how prepared you are, you can't control a flight being delayed or a rainstorm the day you signed up for a walking … Continue reading Little Brantley’s Words of Wisdom

Balboa Island

As much as I adore traveling, there's nothing as incredible as a visit home after a long trip. Southern California -Orange County to be exact- is home for me. After a few months in Australia, I was able to spend a month at home, which was just what the doctor ordered. Spending time with my … Continue reading Balboa Island