Summer in Catalina

Nothing I love more than a little spontaneity. When you wake up to a gorgeous California morning there's only one thing to do...head to the beach! Although, this time we decided to spice it up by heading just off the coast to the island of Catalina. Many of the harbors in Orange County provide transportation to … Continue reading Summer in Catalina

8 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Orange County Fair

If you are in Orange County during the summer and don't stop by the O.C. fair, you are missing out my friend. From the deep fried Oreos to the adorable baby pigs, the fair has so much to offer. I've decided to break down the top 8 reasons you should go to the fair (but … Continue reading 8 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Orange County Fair

Balboa Island

As much as I adore traveling, there's nothing as incredible as a visit home after a long trip. Southern California -Orange County to be exact- is home for me. After a few months in Australia, I was able to spend a month at home, which was just what the doctor ordered. Spending time with my … Continue reading Balboa Island