8 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Orange County Fair

If you are in Orange County during the summer and don't stop by the O.C. fair, you are missing out my friend. From the deep fried Oreos to the adorable baby pigs, the fair has so much to offer. I've decided to break down the top 8 reasons you should go to the fair (but … Continue reading 8 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Orange County Fair

Playing With Kangas!

My dream of roaming around Sydney on the back of a kangaroo was short lived when I realized Australians don't actually do that (only joking). But I was quickly informed that the only way to see a kangaroo would be in the zoo...even more of a bummer. I thought all hope of actually playing with … Continue reading Playing With Kangas!

Hamilton Island

Imagine turquoise water so clear you can see straight to the bottom, coral in neon green and bright purple, and sunsets that pierce the sky with pink rays of light...well that pretty much sums up Hamilton Island. The main reason we booked a trip to Hamilton was to visit the Great Barrier Reef, but it … Continue reading Hamilton Island