A Play Day in L.A.

Working full-time makes it a bit difficult to explore, so when I have two days off in a row...you better believe I'm going to make an adventure out of it! Los Angeles provides the perfect setting for a girls day, so I rounded up a couple of my friends for a quick drive up the … Continue reading A Play Day in L.A.

Little Brantley’s Words of Wisdom

I want to bring up a topic that most people don't want to talk about: when traveling doesn't go your way. It's inevitable that things will go wrong when you travel. No matter how prepared you are, you can't control a flight being delayed or a rainstorm the day you signed up for a walking … Continue reading Little Brantley’s Words of Wisdom

Balboa Island

As much as I adore traveling, there's nothing as incredible as a visit home after a long trip. Southern California -Orange County to be exact- is home for me. After a few months in Australia, I was able to spend a month at home, which was just what the doctor ordered. Spending time with my … Continue reading Balboa Island

Hamilton Island

Imagine turquoise water so clear you can see straight to the bottom, coral in neon green and bright purple, and sunsets that pierce the sky with pink rays of light...well that pretty much sums up Hamilton Island. The main reason we booked a trip to Hamilton was to visit the Great Barrier Reef, but it … Continue reading Hamilton Island