A Peek at the Blue Mountains

The best way to describe the Blue Mountains would be that it’s the Grand Canyon of Australia, but covered in trees; eucalyptus trees mostly (how it got the name the Blue Mountains). People travel here for amazing nature hikes and panoramic cafe views.
The scenery was breath-taking.
As we climbed down the trail there were massive waterfalls scaling down the rocks, miles and miles of trees as far as we could see, and steep cliffs giving you perspective of how grand this place really is.
We took on the Wentworth Falls trail, which had a nice mix of incline and flat sections. (This article has some great tips for which trail might be best for you). I especially liked this one because the end of the bushwalk had a cafe with equally gorgeous views as the ones on the hike!
If you are looking for a less active day out, but still want to enjoy the incredible view the Blue Mountains have to offer, head the the town of Katoomba. Its full of cute shops and darling cafes.
Enjoy your hike!
Little Brantley Abroad

12 thoughts on “A Peek at the Blue Mountains

  1. Anonymous says:

    Grandma and I sure enjoyed your hike in the Blue Mtns. It certainly looked like you had a great time. Your writings continue to amaze us. Stay safe and healthy, we love you.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Once again you have made me feel as though I was walking with you and I could picture the beautiful mountains, waterfalls and trees. I love your descriptions. THANK YOU.

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