The Yacht Week: Your Questions Answered

The nostalgia is kicking in again. Yacht week, I miss you. For those of you working on your tans and picking out the perfect sea-side outfits in anticipation for the best week of your life- this guide is dedicated to you.

Many friends have been messaging me about tips for The Yacht Week, so hopefully this will help answer some of your questions as well!

1. Where is the best location? Personally, I have only been to Croatia with TYW and I have a hard time believing anything could compare to it. It is also the original and largest of the routes. The British Virgin Islands are said to be just as incredible, but a bit smaller. The feedback on Greece was that it was stunning, but much more relaxed than people looking to party would have wanted. Each destination offers something different, but no matter which you choose, Croatia, BVI, Greece, Italy, Spain, or Montenegro you are guaranteed to have a the best week of your life.
2. Would you recommend having a hostess? If you have the room in your budget to hire a hostess, then DO IT. These girls aren’t making ham and cheese sandwiches…they are making gourmet meals that most people couldn’t make in a full size kitchen. Imagine being inside the boat, burning hot, trying to cook on a little stove, while the boat rocks back and fourth- no thank you! Hiring a hostess makes your life easier and allows you to spend more of your vacay relaxing with a cocktail in hand.
3. What should I pack? Luckily I put together a full Yacht Week packing list for you 🙂
4. How do we shower? Each of the stops have public showers if you are looking for a full one. Some boats do have them on board, but typically people just get into their bathing suits and have a shower with the nozzle and some shampoo at the back of the boat. (Think of it as becoming one with the sea)
5. What time does it end? My strongest suggestion is that you book an Air bnb or hotel for your last night. You have to be off your boat at 8am the next morning (which means you need to be awake and backing before this time) and after the closing party, you’ll be lucky if your home before 5am. Most people are ready for a full bed and a home that doesn’t sway by this point, so save yourself the hassle and just book a separate place. *I’d also recommend booking this beforehand, because of how many people try to do it last-minute, it’s really hard to find a place.
6. What’s a skipper? This might seem silly, but hey, not everyone knows! The skippers are usually a guy (but a few are female) that is in charge of sailing and taking care of the boat. They are great at sailing, but even better at partying!
7. How does everyone have such epic photos from The Yacht Week? Each week there is a professional photographer that follows the boats to their various destinations. They switch up which boat they are staying on every day, so if you want lavish photos of you sunbathing on your yacht, make sure to flag one down!
8. What about the DJs? The Yacht Week also hires their own Djs each week to play at the incredible clubs you’ll be going to every day.
9. How many people do the cabins sleep and do we have to fill it ourselves? The boats sleep between 8-12 people (make sure to leave space for the hostess and skipper if you are hiring them). Want to go with just you and your BFF? Not a problem! The Yacht Week will fill in your boat with other groups that aren’t full for you or you can go onto the Yacht Week facebook page and find other atendees that need spots filled on your own.
10. Do we have a guide for the week? The skipper will be your main point of contact. Once you arrive on the first day, you are introduced to the skipper of your boat and he/she will answer any questions you have throughout the week. You will also have event coordinators (aka- what my role was with The Yacht Week) who will tell you the events going on each day you are there.
General advice I have for you: 
  • Be careful!! So many people slipped on the decks of their boats, fell into latches that were left open, or were injured jumping from boat to boat. Travel insurance is a must**
  • When you are docked on the islands rent scooters, try the local cuisine, go cliff diving and hiking. Make sure you enjoy the stunning scenery you get to travel to, not just the parties.
  • Buy double the alcohol and half the food you think you’ll need. Also, make sure to buy as much water as you can when you are docked!
  • Be outgoing- everyone there has a similar mindset to you and you’ll end up making friends from all over the world that you can visit after yacht week.
  • Basically, take advantage of every moment you are there (no matter how hungover you are).
I’m sure there are plenty of questions that I missed, so please don’t be shy and ask them below! The Yacht Week is an incredible experience and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂
Little Brantley Abroad

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