Last month I visited a country that I had feared I’d never actually get to: Japan! With my home being America, my current location being Australia, and most of my vacations spent in Europe, I assumed it would be years before I made my first trip to an Asian country.

Friends of mine warned me that it would be very different from anything I’ve experienced before…and man, were they right. The unique blend of futuristic innovation and respect for the past was incredible to experience. You would find a temple that has stood there for thousands of years, next to a bank of vending machines that hold everything from cheap sake, to hot soup, to crazy electronics. Suffice it to say, if your given the chance to visit Japan, jump at it!

I’ll be posting blogs over the next couple of weeks that dive further into the three places I visited on my trip: Tokyo, Kobe, and Hakuba. Check back for bullet trains, robot cafes, a Japanese wedding, and so much more!


Little Brantley Abroad

16 thoughts on “Konnichiwa

  1. restless-roots says:

    Thanks for stopping by at our blog and giving it a “like” 🙂

    Having gotten around the world ourselves we can just give you one advise…….keep on traveling and taking in as much a you can !!!

    Nobody can ever take that from you !!

    Have fun and enjoy every day !
    Cheers from Nova Scotia

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  2. Jodine says:

    Well done! My home is New Zealand, I live in Australia and I’ve just returned from Europe – on my way to Indonesia AGAIN. One day I’ll also get to Japan 🙂


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