8 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Orange County Fair

The Orange County Fair

If you are in Orange County during the summer and don’t stop by the O.C. fair, you are missing out my friend. From the deep fried Oreos to the adorable baby pigs, the fair has so much to offer. I’ve decided to break down the top 8 reasons you should go to the fair (but I’m pretty sure #5 is all you’ll need…)

  1. The animals: You can’t help but fall in love with those sheep! The petting zoo was filled with so many cute farm animals, but I must warn you, they look way better than they smell…P1000102 P1000105 P1000116 P1000121 P1000122
  2. Shopping: When you finally realize you can’t actually take a piglet home with you, you’ll need some retail therapy. Head out of the farm and into Crafter’s Village for all sorts of goodies!IMG_7313 P1000146
  3. Pictures: We all know I love a good photo op…so the O.C. Fair was right up my alley. From the corn field, to the ferris wheel, I could not think of a more perfect place to try out my new camera. (See even more pics on my instagram by clicking here)4100-e9c7-5581-2415 P1000135 cbf2-74b5-d663-24b5 P1000185P1000112
  4. Drink up: Another reason we love the fair…adult beverages! There are a few bars located on the property for those of age and multiple stands for you to purchase drinks from beer, to wine, to yummy cocktails.P1000143
  5. The Crazy Food: Americans are known for their ridiculously unhealthy food options, but the fair takes it to a whole new ~deliciously disgusting~ level. Below you will find deep fried Oreos, a mountain of curly fries, colorful cotton candy, and that’s not even close to all that the fair had to offer. Basically- if you can fry it, you can find it at the fair.P1000151 P1000153 P1000160 P1000191P1000163 P1000195P1000138
  6. Wild Rides: Now that you are nice and full from your healthy dinner, it’s time to take on some rides! Flying and twisting and flipping upside down, adventure junkies will loving going on the rather questionable fair rides (but hey, the risk is half the fun, right?)P1000170 P1000184 P1000166P1000180
  7. Games and prizes: Challenge your friends to the fun games lined up at the fair. You can win awesome prizes or have a good laugh at them for not even coming close to hitting the target.P1000165 P1000168 P1000214 P1000216
  8. Date Night: The O.C. fair is perfect for a fun date night. The two of you can take a romantic ride on the ferris wheel or have your man try to win a giant stuffed animal for you…or win one for him (you go girl).P1000220P1000187

Whether it’s a fun night with a group of friends, a charming first date, or a day with the family, the Orange County fair really is one of the biggest highlights of summer in California.

Do you guys enjoy going to the fair? Does your country have anything similar to this? Would you try a deep fried Oreo? Let me know anything and everything in the comments section!


Little Brantley Abroad


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