How to Pack for Your Trip to the Yacht Week

Packing for your trip with

It’s officially been six months since I left the fantasy world of The Yacht Week. I worked as an events intern in Croatia this past summer and seeing everyone at The Ski Week and The Yacht Week BVI is giving me serious blues. As a way to cope with these withdrawals, I decided to make a post on how you should pack for this epic week and who better to tell you than someone who did five of them? 😉 Here’s everything you don’t want to be caught without during your vacay at sea:


Clothes: Prepare to be in your bikini morning, noon, and night. You’ll be sailing and swimming all day long so a few cute suits are definitely necessary. (Obviously you’ll want to bring a couple cover ups to go with them). Each week has the famous “white party” so definitely have an outfit packed for that as well. Shorts, crop tops, and summery dresses are good for all the other evening events and a nicer dress is a good idea for the Fort George party and closing party ~this is for the Croatia route specifically~


11918955_10156046383160381_5851017782820691979_n  11902555_10156028272850381_4364758968679357411_n

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Accessories: Make sure you bring a flag from your home country or University to hang while you sail – not only does it let you rep your hometown, but it also makes your boat much easier to find after a night of parting (oops). Flash tats, glitter, glow paint and any other madness is more than welcome on The Yacht Week. Also welcomed, and highly encouraged, are floaty toys. During the raft parties you’ll really regret not packing a giant blow up flamingo to float on.



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Electronics: I would strongly suggest you leave your laptop and any other important electronics at home. The cabins are rather small and with rocking, drunk people, and liquids everywhere, you’re asking for a disaster. If you’re bringing a camera, I’d suggest you invest in a waterproof case (I love my GoPro because it comes with waterproof housing and is good for taking pics and filming). I had a LifeProof case on my phone and after being thrown into the water daily (fully clothed), I was extremely grateful.


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I know I had to do plenty of research before this experience so please ask any of your Yacht Week related questions in the comments below! Get ready for one incredible week…. 🙂


Little Brantley Abroad

13 thoughts on “How to Pack for Your Trip to the Yacht Week

  1. Raquel De Canha says:

    Hi there I know this is random, we are going to yacht Week in a few weeks and was wondering we all have awesome floaties but how will we inflate them once we are there🙈 Should we be taking a pump with us?


  2. Laura says:

    Hi! Thanks for the packing list!

    I’m headed to yacht week in 2 weeks and beginning to get a bit apprehensive about what I’m getting myself into. I’m hoping to do some of the parties, but also carve out time to have some relaxed dinners, explore the towns that were docking in. Along similar lines, during the daytime I’m hoping that we can find some quiet bays to drop anchor and spend the afternoon (while I love day drinking, I don’t want to spend everyday listening to loud techno). Do you have advise on how to find the balance in yacht week? Don’t want to regret missing out on any of the epic parties, but I know myself well enough to know I’ll need quiet moments

    Along similar lines, found our skipper online and he appears to be very young, 1 yr out from graduating college. I was hoping to have a bit more experienced skipper, someone who knew the quieter places to tuck away. How concerned should I be about the skipper situation?

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    • Katie Brantley says:

      Thanks for sharing your concerns Laura! First of all, I must warn you that the Yacht Week definitely lives of to its reputation of being a week of nonstop partying. That being said, there are definitely ways to make it the kind of trip you want. Have the skipper dock your boat towards the end of the dock or at the end of the circle raft to avoid lots of noise and partying. Also, fairly early in the week you’ll be able to spot the crazy party boat, so try to have your skipper avoid tying up near them.
      Sailing during the day is extremely relaxing and the perfect time to escape and enjoy some peace and quite.
      Just make sure to inform your skipper of the type of week you want and if a newer one doesn’t know the best way to have a relaxing week, you can always request a new skipper!(:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions!


  3. Ashley says:

    How fancy is dress up night @Ft. George? I had a summer dress and notes say it should be nicer – can you give an example or more detail – only bringing one nice dress, 2 summer dresses 2 bottoms 3 tops and 3 coverups and 6 swimsuits 🙂 – sound like enough?


    • Katie Brantley says:

      Fort George is an old castle that is outdoors. It’s a bit nicer than the other nights but still a club kind of vibe if that helps? I’d wear nicer tight dresses and sandals most FG parties!
      Make sure you have an all white outfit as well!


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