Best Restaurants in Melbourne



My favorite breakfast spot in Melbourne (and possibly the world) is Hardware Societe. I discovered it on my last trip here and had to go back! It has a bit of a wait during peak hours, but I promise it’s worth it. I had the “un baked egg” again and my mom ordered the special which was a fluffy piece of French toast with candied walnuts, grilled bananas, and a sweet cream on top…I know, it was life changing.

IMG_4322 IMG_4321 IMG_4318



I’m not sure if a neon green shake with a popsicle and fairy floss on top can count as lunch, but that’s what were going to call it! I saw these ridiculously amazing shakes all over instagram and made sure to drag my mom to the Naughty Boy Café to get one for myself. She ordered the salted caramel shake, which came with a brownie, whipped cream, and peanut brittle on top. (She’ll tell you she only ordered it for the pic, but Anne was in sugar heaven). They have a full menu of awesome food from yummy salads to over-the-top burgers to help cushion your sugar high.

IMG_4265 IMG_4276 IMG_4287



Multiple people told my family that we had to check out a restaurant called “Cookie” while we were in Melbourne, and boy were they right. It’s located on the first level of a cool building that houses all sorts of places from a rooftop cinema, to a concert hall, to a karate studio. Cookie was a really fun Thai restaurant with a separate dining room, busy bar area with a DJ, and a more casual table area. The food was amazing and best if shared among the table, so you get a bit of everything. (It’s super popular so I would recommend making a reservation just to be safe).


Another popular dinner area is down Lygon Street (aka Melbourne’s Little Italy). We had amazing pizza at Totos one night and scrumptious pasta at the Spaghetteria as well. The street is lined with beautiful trees, so I would recommend going on a warmer evening so you can sit outside.

IMG_4403 IMG_4404 IMG_2810



If the wonderfully overdone shakes from Naughty Boy just aren’t enough for you, then head to the Royal Arcade. It is located across from the Meyer department store and has loads of chocolate stores and confectionaries. (I loved this little macaroon store in the middle of the arcade). It’s especially adorable and festive at Christmas time.

IMG_2923 IMG_4429 IMG_4431 IMG_4428


Melbourne is a coffee-lover’s dream city because it is know for its “café culture.” They take pride in their coffee and it really does show- I became quite the coffee snob after experiencing the café scene here. You can’t really go wrong, but for a cool experience, I suggest going just past the Royal Arcade to Degeres Street to enjoy your coffee in a fun and busy alleyway.

IMG_4187 IMG_4433 IMG_4316


Comment below if you try out any of my suggestions and let us know if there are other restaurants in Melbourne worth checking out!


Happy eating 🙂 xx,

Little Brantley Abroad

12 thoughts on “Best Restaurants in Melbourne

  1. Richard says:

    OK, that’s it – a holiday to Melbourne MUST be booked. Twice we have been in the last two years but either with friends or stayed with relatives in Seaford so haven’t really explored Melbourne.

    Hopefully sometime next year we will get back and try some of the places you have mentioned – Naughty boy cafe looks like heaven.

    Thanks for the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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