10 Best gifts for someone who loves to travel


I was inspired to write this post after my close group of girlfriends gave me THE BEST graduation gift. They all knew that I was planning on heading to Croatia, London, and then all throughout Australia, so they put together the perfect gift basket for a traveler!

  1. Passport cover and matching luggage tag- perfect for taking cute pictures with your plane ticket πŸ˜‰Β Get a similar one here!IMG_0965 IMG_3573
  2. Life proof case- I cannot tell you how much this helped me while I was working with The Yacht Week. ( Katie + Phone + Water = disaster…just ask my last 10 phones) LifeProof iPhone 5 caseIMG_3559
  3. Portable Chargers- When you are on the go, you don’t always remember to charge your electronics or have access to an outlet, so this is a gift travelers will love and need.IMG_3587
  4. World Map- this has to be one of the coolest gifts I have ever received. It is a gold map that you can scratch off once you visit a state/country and it changes color! Such a good motivation to get to as many places as possible. Scratch Map Travel EditionIMG_3561 IMG_3564
  5. Converters- you can never have too many converters! You will be so thankful when you can charge your phone, laptop, and camera all at the same time. I also find that mine often go missing, but I’m sure that has more to do with me than the converter… Travel Smart Converter and Adapter SetIMG_3585
  6. Kitchen towel- This is a present I actually gave to a friend of mine who was moving to Chicago. You have a map of the United States and a little pin with a heart that you can put in either your new location or your home town. Such a fun little reminder of home.IMG_3447
  7. Enjoy the journey bracelet– I love this bracelet and wear it everyday! It is such a sweet reminder when I look down at my wrist to make the most of every adventure I get to experience. I also started taking a picture of the bracelet at some of the different places I go (below is one at the Tough Mudder I worked at a few months ago, I swear I’m not usually that dirty).Β IMG_3575 IMG_3146 IMG_3580
  8. World Globe- My mom and I found this while shopping around New York. It is a globe made out of cork that you can stick with pins to mark off all of the places you have traveled to. Cork GlobeIMG_0156
  9. Airplane survival kit- you can either buy one of these or put it together yourself. I have received a few different ones and loved them all. Good things to put inside if you are making your own: earplugs, sleep mask, chapstick, advil, tissues, contact case, and maybe a little shooter…if your feeling feisty! Β Travel Makeup BagIMG_3570 IMG_3566
  10. GoPro- Now I know this is a much more expensive gift, but I cannot tell you how much I love my GoPro. I bought it for myself after graduating from college and don’t know how I survived without one. It is durable, tiny, and truly captures amazing footage. If the traveler in your life already has one, you can always buy them accessories to go with it. I know there are always new GoPro accessories being added to my wish list! Get it here GoPro HERO4 SILVERIMG_3589

I hope you found this helpful and remember, any of these would be perfect for birthdays, graduations, or the holidays! If you have any questions about where to buy these or have any suggestions of other gifts for us adventurers feel free to comment below πŸ™‚


Little Brantley Abroad


14 thoughts on “10 Best gifts for someone who loves to travel

  1. Colors of my life says:

    Your list is telling me to drop DSLR and go for GoPro. I am an amateur photographer, so wanted to move to next level. But it’s difficult to carry and do travelling. That’s why I used my mobile phone to do all photography this time round. And I was happy.


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