The Perfect Day In Bondi

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Today marks my last day in Bondi Beach before I head home for the holidays. I don’t know how, but from the moment I arrived, this beach town felt like home to me. Yes, it is a beautiful beach with attractive Aussie men running around 😉 but there is so much more to it. The people here are so kind and filled with great energy, anything you need is just a few steps away, and it has provided me with more incredible sunsets than I could have ever imagined. If you have a trip to Sydney planned, don’t miss out on a day in this spectacular place. Here’s how to have the perfect day in Bondi:

  • Breakfast in Bondi: The restaurants in Bondi are so good that I will be posting a full article about all the delicious places to get brekkie, but for the sake of this post, I would recommend Speedos Cafe! Not only is their food amazing to photograph, it’s also delicious. (Below are their cronuts and pink pataya bowl) IMG_0701 IMG_0718 IMG_0695
  • The Coastal Walk: What better way to digest your breakfast than with a beautiful walk along the coast? It takes you from the famous Icebergs Pool, all the way to Coogee beach; pack a swimsuit because the stunning beaches along the way will have you eager for a swim. IMG_3366 IMG_2145 IMG_2765 IMG_2349 IMG_3012
  • Grab Lunch: After a long walk, you’ll probably be ready for lunch by the time you get back to Bondi. I would recommend going to one of the places down Hall St. I love grabbing a a wrap from Envi and eating it on the hill above Bondi Beach. *great for people-watching*IMG_2783 12208756_1281089198571317_6463923502000767972_n
  • Cocktails at The Bucket List: Make sure you also take a stroll down the beach to check out the amazing paintings along the board walk. Just past the lifeguard tower, you will find one of the hottest spots in Bondi. The Bucket List has a great patio and really fun beach vibe. It is always packed with people and the perfect place to get your afternoon drink on (or before noon…no judging). IMG_3367IMG_0726 IMG_3055
  • Go Shopping: There are tons of amazing shops all around Bondi, and who doesn’t want a cute bikini from this beach town? Campbell Parade has really great bathing suit stores, but also check out some of the small side streets…plenty of hidden gems.IMG_3389
  • Enjoy the Sunset: I wasn’t kidding when I said that Bondi had incredible sunsets. Of course, you can watch the sun go down over the hills from the main beach, but I prefer the Dudly Page Reserve. You can hop on the 333 bus or walk (it’s about a 30 min walk) to the park. It gives you the most unbelievable views of the whole city! Many people pack picnics to enjoy while watching the sun drop below the Sydney Harbour Bridge. IMG_2201 IMG_3169
  • Dinner at Tony’s: If you choose not to pack dinner for the sunset, I would recommend eating at Tony’s. There is always a huge line out the door and the burgers with sweet potato fries were delicious. There are so many good restaurants to choose from, but the owner of this one is awesome! He even had me take a tequila shot with him before we left! *other amazing restaurants- Hardware, Rice Pot, Bills, Bangkok Bites, The Italian (basically every restaurant in Bondi)*IMG_3388
  • Bondi Bars: After your tequila shot with Tony, you’ll be ready to party. Some fun places are bikini bar, Ravesi’s, the Vue, 34 Below, and Bondi Icebergs, although my favorite would be the Beach Road Hotel. It has an awesome outdoor patio in the back and two big dance rooms with DJs upstairs- really fun vibes and a younger crowd. 12208336_1281126078567629_5010864824799937939_n 12191518_1281089535237950_6125861028953310279_n IMG_3187


Hopefully you’ll enjoy your Bondi experience as much as I did! Comment below if you decide to try any of my suggestions or if you have any of your own from your time in Bondi 🙂



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