The first post in this section is dedicated to Barcelona! I spent a semester studying abroad in this beautiful city and still get butterflies every time I think about it. I am sure there will be countless posts about Barca in this section, I mean it is one of the best party places in the world, but today I am talking about my favorite bars. (Warning: I did not know I was going to start a travel blog two years later, so please forgive me for my terrible sangria-hazed photography skills).

  1. Chupitos: First off, if you are going here make sure to give the taxi driver the exact address (chupitos means shots in Spanish and if that’s all you say they will just take you to the first place you can buy drinks…no bueno). This little hole in the wall has more crazy shots than you can imagine. The walls are covered in lists of their unique shots, from ones that are on fire (like the boyscout), to wildly inappropriate ones (DO NOT do the Monica Lewinsky….you’ll thank me later). There is a lot of sugar in their shots, so make sure you have some Advil by your bed in the morning because HELLO hangover. Regardless, it is a must-see for all party people that are visiting Barcelona! *other cool shots to order: Finding Nemo, Bob Marley, Harry Potter, and Inhaler*1382142_10153381354825381_1444067268_n1234659_4750926790784_2080581944_n 1374935_4930831608292_1633462202_n 1385411_4822207612760_1554187931_n
  2. Pipperment: Get ready for drinks bigger than your head. This bar is a favorite from students studying abroad because of their massive portions and the slideshow of customers from the past few years they play on the T.V. screens. Our favorite drink was the Bacardi and lemonade that was in a glass so big, you had to stand up to drink it!1483237_10200222118235328_2091457245_n 1455076_10153491433060381_189540363_n
  3. Dow Jones: This is the only time you’ll be hoping for a stock market crash. Dow Jones (based on the DJIA) has screens on the walls with the prices of the different drinks; some in green due to their inflated price, and some in red that you can get for a euro! Every 30 minutes or so, they would have a crash where all of the drinks were ridiculously cheap. It’s an exciting take on a bar and well worth a visit.Dow-Jones-Barcelona-BörseIMG_0817
  4. Ice Barcelona: You guessed it, this is Barcelona’s version of the Ice Bar. It’s been a few years, but I am pretty sure it costs around 20 euros to get in. They provide you with a big coat and it includes one drink when you enter. It really is freezing (obviously) so please be smarter than us and don’t go there in a dress…oops. The floors, chairs, even the cups are made out of ice, and they let us smash the drink against the wall when we were finished! It was a really cool experience, but you would only really need to go once. 1505086_10153678439965381_1250573226_n1463902_10153678440115381_750285298_n1477594_10200359468829007_300093133_n
  5. L’Ovella Negra: (I think that is how you spell it) I referred to this as Spain’s version of Oktoberfest; the venue had long picnic-like tables that everyone would sit at together, except instead of pitchers of beer, it was sangria…my favorite! Really fun atmosphere and a great way to meet new people.960047_10202521272023796_820623993_n
  6. Hot Bar: This one wasn’t as exciting as the others, but if you are planning on heading to Sutton, it is just across the street. I figured it deserved a mention because they have a wheel that you can spin and possibly win a free drink or discounted prices (definitely a positive if you are on a budget like I was). Sadly, I don’t have any photos of Hot Bar from when I went there, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself!

And that concludes my favorite bars from Barcelona. There were plenty of other great bars that I’m sure I’ll kick myself later for forgetting, so if you have any suggestions that I missed please share them below! Salud till next time(:


Little Brantley Abroad


4 thoughts on “BARcelona

  1. rebbit7 says:

    Oh, boy! Sounds like a blast! I was in Barcelona many years ago, and of course wasn’t at drinking age yet, but I would like to return and properly explore the city again (as well as give those chupitos a try!). Thanks for your recommendations!

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