An Aussie Thanksgiving


One of the biggest downsides us travelers face is missing out on everything happening at home. As much as we would like it to, time doesn’t just stop when we leave. I find it especially difficult to accept this fact around the holidays. Being an American, one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. Nothing is better than an entire day dedicated to stuffing your face until you can’t fit into your pants…only joking! (Sort of) But as my cousins and I have grown up, it’s become a time where all of our families could get together and share the incredible things they have accomplished. It is a time where my high school friends and I could meet up and realize we are all the same silly girls we were at 14. Thanksgiving is more than a dinner, it’s a celebration of the people you surround yourself with.


This year has been different since I am in Australia, but instead of dwelling on the fact that I am away from home, I’ve learned that is better to focus on the things that are going well in your life. However, this has been a difficult challenge after the recent passing of my puppy back home. As much fun as it is to travel, when things like this occur you can’t help but feel guilty and debate whether or not you should return home. It’s moments like this where you have to take a step back and really appreciate all of the beautiful things in life. As heartbroken as I am, I know that he had a wonderful life filled with love and affection. I am also choosing to focus on the fact that I am blessed with four grandparents, amazing aunts and uncles, so many wonderful cousins, the greatest parents in the world, the best role model for a big brother, and friends with the most beautiful souls. Life is about taking the good with the bad and welcoming every day as it comes, whether it brings happiness or sadness…it’s another day on this spectacular Earth of ours.


Okay, enough serious talk! My dad and I were not going to let our south of the hemisphere location stop us from celebrating Turkey Day this year. We decided to head to Sydney’s CBD and grab a nice father-daughter meal. He had lamb and I had shrimp scampi…don’t worry there were some potatoes! After an amazing meal and wonderful conversation, just outside the restaurant was the annual Martin Place Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. I know I know, how dare they celebrate Christmas on this most joyous of Thanksgivings?! Rude. (It still didn’t stop my dad and I from joining in on the celebrations, however). There was a full on concert with Santa and everything. Once the tree lit up, fireworks shot off the roof of the surrounding buildings and cool designs were projected on their walls. The next few blocks were all lit by twinkle lights, marking the beginning of a magical holiday season. Even though it wasn’t our traditional Thanksgiving celebration, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I know that I’ll always look back and remember the one I spent in Sydney with my dad 🙂

IMG_0662 IMG_0659 IMG_0655 IMG_3190 IMG_0679 IMG_3204


Happy holidays and remember every day is a reason to be thankful!



Little Brantley Abroad

13 thoughts on “An Aussie Thanksgiving

  1. Red Baron says:

    Ah so you are freewheeling around them parts, there are some nice bits up that coast, Boat Harbour and Fisherman’s Bay up the Northern NSW coast are very nice, rugged, unspoilt and tourist-free. Just don’t sprain your ankle on the rocks and end up on crutches for 8 weeks. Not that I know anything about that you understand!

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