Where I’ve Been


As I am starting to get more readers (that aren’t related to me- but I still love the support grandma!) I want to share a bit about my travel history.

My parents are the most supportive and encouraging people I know. From a young age they have made sure my brother and I appreciate the world we live in. We have been on numerous family vacations and because of that, Chase and I developed their same passion for travel.

When we were younger, they decided that for each of our 13th birthdays, we would be able to pick anywhere in the world we wanted to go; my brother chose an African Safari and I chose to go to London and Paris (yes, I was a diva from day 1).

After that I was hooked.

I don’t know if there is any way to describe the first time I experienced Europe. It was beautiful, sophisticated, foreign, enchanting….everything I had hoped and more. Don’t get me wrong, growing up in Southern California was a dream, but this- this was the start ofΒ something spectacular…

a lifelong appetite for adventure.

Since then, I have been to 14 different countries and loved each one more than the last. Below I have made a list of the ones I have traveled to, as of November 2015.

United States (home)










Czech Republic





I feel so blessed for the opportunities I have been given and know that the journey is far from over!

Comment below all of the places you have been or if you have any suggestions about where I should go next!


Little Brantley Abroad

30 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. Prathi says:

    Hiiii Katie πŸ™‚ Thank you for liking my post! I am in great awe looking at your bucket list.. so many matches to mine also .. my good luck for getting all the ones crossed in ur bucket list πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. roninjax says:

    I’m impressed. Great experiences. I’ve been to the Pacific, Europe, Middle East and around most of the North American Continent. I like the uniqueness of each. I want to travel back to Italy and Britain for my next overseas trip. There are still so many places to visit in the U.S. as well.


  3. Rohan says:

    You should visit India one day. The people, food and culture are quite diverse. Every state speaks a different language. The most commonly spoken language in India is only spoken by less than half the population. I was born there and I visit often.

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