Fun ways to research a new city


I cannot stress how important it is to research a new city before you visit. You never want to come home from a trip and realize that there was some delicious restaurant you missed when you decided to go to McDonalds or that there was an amazing festival that only happens once a year the day after you leave. The tourist books can get quite boring though, I must admit, so that is why I decided to share a list of fun ways to plan your next trip.

  1. Instagram: I’m not sure about you, but I have an unhealthy obsession with insta. I am constantly refreshing my feed, trying to see what the rest of the world is up to, but now we can put this obsession to good use! I like to follow popular instgram pages for the places I am heading to. Just type in the tags section what city you are heading to and the top 9 photos are the most popular from that area. You can then scroll through the profiles and follow for inspiration and insights on what you must see once you are there. (Plus you can easily find the most insta-worthy areas to take pics!) I also like to follow Instagram pages such as National Geographic or The Travel Channel to get ideas for my travel bucket list.
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  2. Movies: When I was much younger I remember watching the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies (you’re lying if you say you didn’t too) where they ran around the world and I wanted to do the exact same thing. Movies bring to life the cities you read and dream about; they give them a story and allow you to feel familiar with far away places. It is also exciting once you arrive at your destination to visit the landmarks where your favorite actors and actresses once stood.
  3. Pinterest: This is how I usually figure out where I want to travel to next. There have been countless times that I have seen a beautiful photograph of a foreign place on Pinterest and immediately added it to my bucket list. The travel section is full of incredible places, but it also provides links to websites that can give you a better understanding of that area or events taking places there.
  4. Books: I’m not talking about the boring guide books, but actual novels. There are many that take place all over the world and reading about another person’s journey, whether its fiction or not, gives you a sort of personal attachment to them and the city. I also really like waiting until I am in the location where the book is taking place to read it because it makes me feel as if I am on the journey with them.
  5. Follow a travel blog: Okay you knew this was coming. Travel blogs can help you figure out the most important sights to see, but they can also teach you many things to be careful of. Every place has its negatives *like pickpockets in Barcelona or deadly bugs in Australia* and it is important to be prepared for these sort of things. They can also teach you how to live on a budget or how to go illegally waterfall jumping (bet you can’t find that in a guide book)!


I hope these were helpful to you and if there are other unique ways you like to research your next travel destination, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Happy researching!


Little Brantley Abroad

2 thoughts on “Fun ways to research a new city

  1. Colors of my life says:

    I am not a Insta user, recently started with Pinterest.

    But I am a heavy Google user, so do loads of research, what I usually do is to go to country tourism page first.

    See what they have to offer, if it’s a tourism dependent economy usually the website is awesome. I get kickstart from there. Than plenty of YT and blogs comes along.

    For eg Malaysia tourism website is excellent. If you have a chance do visit them. Amazing experience plus if you want to layoff than you should and must visit Langkawi you never want to come back seriously

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