Kicking it with Koalas


When a friend of mine mentioned that they lived a few minutes away from an animal reserve, WITH KOALAS, you better believe I was on the first train out. I took the train from Bondi Junction to Central Station and then about 3 hours north to the city of Newcastle, NSW.

IMG_2525 IMG_2530

IMG_2537 IMG_2538

Newcastle is a charming city with beautiful beaches, but most importantly it is home to the worlds largest KFC! *it was not the American’s decision to go there* The wildlife exhibit that we went to is called Blackbutt Reserve (I know it’s a weird name but I guess Blackbutts are a type of eucalyptus tree…get your mind out of the gutter). It is free to enter and the park is filled with a wide range of animals. They had wallabies, wombats, beautiful colored birds flying around, kangaroos (I mean this is Australia), and of course koalas! I think we spent 90% of our time at the animal reserve watching the koalas; just look at that sleepy face, I’m dying.





Not pictured above are the emus, mainly because they are terrifying and hideous, but if you’re into that sort of thing, don’t worry there were plenty at the wildlife exhibit.

There are zoos closer to Sydney, but if you feel like exploring a new area, I would definitely recommend giving Newcastle a visit!


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