Life in Sydney


As many of you know, I recently moved to the land down under. I spend my days in Sydney hanging with kangaroos, doing yoga on the beach, and cooking shrimp on the barbie. Just as you would have imagined, right? Okay so I might have only seen kangaroos after driving two hours out of the city and no one has cooked a “shrimp on the barbie” with me….but never say never. As far as yoga goes, I did start taking classes, but they are beginner and in a small studio where no one can see my sad attempt at being zen.



All joking aside, Sydney is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in the world. I live in Bondi Beach and could not be more blessed. The people are so kind, its a three minute walk to the beach, and I get to do the coastal walk daily. After a ten minute drive, you’re in the heart of the city where there is always something new going on. Last week they had the Night Noodle Market set up throughout Hyde Park. There were twinkle lights, big installations, beer gardens, and tons of little booths from restaurants set up all over. Sydney reminds me so much of home (aside from the occasional aussie accent). I would describe it as a combination of Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, and San Francisco- basically all of California mushed into one.





And how is the job hunt going? Hmmm…well if you ask me there’s not technically anything on the horizon but I’m feeling pretty optimistic, you know just enjoying life for right now. If you ask my dad…. lets just say he doesn’t find this response as charming as I’d like. That’s all for now! Check back in for more posts coming next week(:


Little Brantley Abroad



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